The Death of Grappling?

I think this is great story that talks about grappling being a dying art. It relates very closely to the IOC dropping wrestling from the Olympics.


Don’t tell me you can’t picture it. An overcast day at the cemetery and a (smaller than expected) crowd is gathered to lay to rest a beloved friend. Daniel Cormier delivers the eulogy, Cain Velasquez and Jordan Burroughs are among the coffin bearers and as the casket is lowered into the ground, the collection of matrats and Olympians, including Ronda Rousey, Sara McMann, Ben Askren, Matt Hughes and more than a fewGracies shed tears and don stoic expressions as it starts to rain…

Ok, that’s an abstract, cartoon image but it appears that the concept of grappling as a top level sport, in its own right or as key part of MMA – is under attack.

With wrestling seemingly removed from the Olympics, the UFC apparently making a stand against grinding, wrestling-based tactics and the ever present boos of the casual fans whenever a bout…

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Dixon Brothers from Edmond Make Wrestling History

Last night I had the pleasure of watching the Oklahoma Wrestling state high school championships.

There were a ton of good matches.  For example, the match between Keegan Moore and Joe Smith was epic and there two wrestlers who were 4-time state champs.

In my opinion the fact that the Dixon Triplets(Lance, Joel, and Andrew) all won a state championship.  This has to be the first time that three brothers(that were triplets) have a won a wrestling state championship on the same night.

dixon brothers wrestling

Their Dad must be Proud

I don’t know the Dixon brothers, but I have watched them wrestle for the last 9 years.  The father must be super proud.  He is probably telling himself that it was all worth it.  He has had to buy three of everything like wrestling head gear, shoes, wrestling bags, etc..

I know first hand that wrestling can get expensive and I only have one child to pay for. I’m thinking the dad woke up and thought to himself… “I must be doing something right”.  I completely agree.  These brothers have accomplished something that has never been done before.

The Dixon Brothers are the Three Musketeers

All three brothers wrestle for Edmond North high school.  Last night Edmond North won its first team state title in school history.  They dethroned Broken Arrow, who has won the previous three titles.

In fact, they have been so dominant this year that they won 6A dual state, 6A academic champs, as well as last night state championship.  It’s safe to say that the Dixon brothers were a major reason for their team’s success.

Next year will be their Last Year

The rest of the 6A Oklahoma wrestling squads better watch out.  These young men are only juniors.  That means they will be a dominant again next year.  I’m guessing there will be quite a few wrestling articles about the Dixon triplets.  In signing off, I want to say congratulations to all of the Dixon brothers as well as Edmond North.  Can the three brothers do the same thing next year?  We will have to wait and see.

What are your thoughts?

These are just my thought of a wrestling dad.  I hope you enjoyed the article. Feel free to post any comments at the end of this article.  Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Wrestlers Sign Petition At State Tourney To Keep Wrestling In Olympics

Wrestlers united to save Olympic Wrestling

CBS Denver

DENVER (CBS4) – Wrestling fans around the world are trying to do their part to get the International Olympic Committee to reconsider their decision to drop wrestling from the Olympics, and at the Pepsi Center this weekend it’s no different.

A local coach started a petition and is taking names at the state high school wrestling championships, which are being held at the Pepsi Center.

“This is such a big sport to the Olympics and to the world. I mean, everybody wrestles, no matter what your politics or religion. Whatever your background is, wrestling is somewhere in the world,” said John Sandoval an assistant wrestling coach at Horizon High School in Thornton.

“It’s just a bunch of yuppies, I guess, trying to get rid of it,” said Brian Hegwood, a wrestler at Grand Valley High School. “It doesn’t make any sense.”

[worldnow id=8455172 width=420 height=278 type=video]

John Faczak, a wrestling…

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United States and Iran join forces to save wrestling in Olympics

The United States and Iran may be arch foes on the diplomatic front, but bosses from two of wrestling’s power-houses have allied to fight a decision to drop the sport from the 2020 Olympic Games.

Rich Bender, executive director of USA Wrestling, is in Tehran, which is hosting the World Cup men’s freestyle tournament on Thursday and Friday.

“We need the backing of Iran and Russia… to preserve the wrestling, and this goes beyond politics… Iran is one of the powers in wrestling and can defend the game’s credibility,” he was quoted by the ISNA news agency as saying.

Speaking at a ceremony hosted by the Iranian Wrestling Federation, he said he hoped that, with the “comprehensive unity” among the wrestling power-houses, the IOC will change its decision.

The head of the Iranian Wrestling Federation, Hojatollah Khatib, said he hopes that “this unprecedented unity” can change the International Olympic Committee’s…

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Wrestlers can Avoid Cauliflower Ear with Headgear

Wrestling headgear can prevent cauliflower ear.  I see wrestler ranging from junior high to college who have cauliflower ear.  Cauliflower can easily be prevented but, there are a lot of wrestlers who don’t wear their wrestling headgear like they should.  It’s almost like wrestlers want cauliflower ear.  Let’s talk about cauliflower ear and how wrestlers can avoid it.

Prevent Cauliflower Ear with Headgear

Photo Credit:

What is Cauliflower ear?

Cauliflower ear happens when you ear gets bruised and the cartilage is torn. As with any bruise you body send blood to the bruise to help it heal faster.  On any other part of your body, the blood is washed out by a continuing flow of blood.  The difference with your ears that is once the blood flows to the ear, it doesn’t go away without treatment.  The reason is it called cauliflower ear is you ear resembles a cauliflower.

How to Treat Cauliflower Ear

Once the ear is bruised, it needs to be drained immediately.  Depending on how bad you bruise your ear, it may need to be drained multiple times.  If the ear is treated quickly, you can minimize any deformations of the ear.  If left untreated, you can guarantee that you will get cauliflower ear have it for the rest of your life.  There are many videos on youtube on how to treat cauliflower ear, but I recommend that you go see a doctor.

How to Prevent Cauliflower Ear

The easiest way for a wrestler to prevent cauliflower ear is to wear good fitting headgear.  This means you need to wear the headgear for every match as well as any time you are live wrestling in practice.  You can usually find headgear at most sports good stores.  There are numerous brands that do an excellent job of protecting the ear.

Having Cauliflower Ear Hurts

You do not want to get cauliflower ear.  It is extremely painful.  Take my advice and wear headgear every time you wrestle.  If you have any comments, feel free to post at the end of this post.  I hope you enjoyed the article and have a great day!