Chain Drilling and Grind Matches:

Fort Bend Wrestling Club

Chain Drilling and Grind Matches:

Preparing for the end-of-the-season conditioning peak

By Steve Kimpel, M.S., CSCS

Head Wrestling Coach Colorado School of Mines

In planning for a national or state championship, several factors must be considered. Among the most important is the end of-the-season conditioning peak. While it is too early for wrestlers to train like they are peaking, it is critical tat wrestlers and coaches have a plan for the peak. To be most effective, planning must take into consideration the energy systems that provide a wrestler with the power and stamina necessary to dominate a match.

Many wrestlers are familiar with the term lactic acid. It is often associated with the burn you get in your muscles during a hard effort. This substance can be converted to fuel for muscle contraction; in fact, during a hard match, the lactic acid system provides a substantial amount of energy. On…

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