The Death of Grappling?

I think this is great story that talks about grappling being a dying art. It relates very closely to the IOC dropping wrestling from the Olympics.


Don’t tell me you can’t picture it. An overcast day at the cemetery and a (smaller than expected) crowd is gathered to lay to rest a beloved friend. Daniel Cormier delivers the eulogy, Cain Velasquez and Jordan Burroughs are among the coffin bearers and as the casket is lowered into the ground, the collection of matrats and Olympians, including Ronda Rousey, Sara McMann, Ben Askren, Matt Hughes and more than a fewGracies shed tears and don stoic expressions as it starts to rain…

Ok, that’s an abstract, cartoon image but it appears that the concept of grappling as a top level sport, in its own right or as key part of MMA – is under attack.

With wrestling seemingly removed from the Olympics, the UFC apparently making a stand against grinding, wrestling-based tactics and the ever present boos of the casual fans whenever a bout…

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