Can Milk Prevent a Concussion?

Can milk help heal a concussion quicker?

I was reading up on branched chain amino acids and how they might help with a quicker recovery time for a concussion.


While doing some research on BCAA benefits and concussions, I came across an article on that mentioned a study by the University of Maryland(December 2015) that chocolate milk can protect against concussion.

Before I get started, do not take any of this as medical advice. This article is for informational purposes only

Can Specially Formulated Milk Prevent Concussions?

You can read the article here.  Quartz talks about how high schools are stocking up on chocolate milk to prevent concussions after a study from the University of Maryland.  The article mentions the Fifth Quarter Fresh milk company was trying to capitalize on this claim.

Quartz was very skeptical of Fifth Quarter Fresh and their claims, but Quartz stated that Fifth Quarter Fresh increased sales due to their increased marketing.

Study cannot be Verified

After reading the article, I felt like this study was hogwash.  While milk does have its health benefits, I don’t believe it can prevent a concussion.

I found an article on that says that UMD withdraws their chocolate milk claim in April 2016.  Here is a quote from the article:

On April 1, the university issued a detailed report finding fault with nearly every aspect of its communications and its efforts to partner with industry. And it finally took the release down.

If you read the article on, it states:

that study was funded through a university program intended to boost Maryland’s economy by partnering local businesses with researchers.

The conflict of interest, misinformation and specific product endorsements are troubling to say the least.

Nutrition can Aid Concussion Recovery

I do believe that we can use nutrition and supplements for concussion, but I think it plays a small part.

I think the most important part of concussion recovery is getting rest until you are symptom free.


I hope you enjoyed the article.  Comment at the end of this article and share your thoughts.


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