Kyle Snyder Wants to Fight in UFC

Kyle Snyder wants to fight in the UFC and wrestle in the Olympics at the same time.

He surprised the world by becoming the USA’s youngest Olympic champion in wrestling.

Kyle Snyder is a popular name in the wrestling world. If you follow wrestling, you must have heard about this young talent.  In fact, Jordan Burroughs has said that Snyder is the future of the sport.

Olympic champion is just the latest accomplishment in his wrestling resume.  He is also a NCAA champion as well as a world champion.  It seems he now wants to add MMA fighting to his accomplishments.

Rio 2016 Olympic wrestling

photo credit Fox Sports

Kyle Snyder’s interest in the UFC

In an interview with the Flo Sports, he said that he is interested in playing in five Olympic Games until 2032. Having won two Olympic gold and UWW World Championship, he became one of the most popular American wrestlers on the UFC list. But he wants to improve his skill before participating in UFC.

Snyder is now doing all the preparations for the upcoming championships. He said that he will not participate in any fighting until he was not fully trained in all the aspects of the sports. He says that he needs to brush up on his jiu-jitsu and boxing skills. And at the same time, he needs to finish his study.

Snyder is a great student and plans on finishing college

Kyle attends Ohio State University. It’s ironic to think about how Snyder and J’den Cox are back in college after wrestling in the Olympics.

I was reading an article and the article stated that Snyder has a 3.85 GPA.  It’s nice to see that he also excels in his studies and has every intention of graduating from college.


Other Wrestlers who have made the move to the UFC

Snyder would not be the first wrestler to make a move to the UFC.  Many popular wrestlers have made their way to the UFC.

Randy Couture, the 3-time NCAA all-American and 2-time NCAA runner-up has had great success in the UFC.  His Greco has helped him win 5 different UFC championships.

Mark Coleman is a NCAA champion that wrestled for Miami Universtiy in Ohio.  He went on to have a successful career in the UFC and win the heavyweight UFC championship.

Brock Lesner is a NCAA champion that is now a household name.  From wrestling, he went to the WWE and then on to the UFC.  While he struggled at first, Lesnar went on to win the UFC heavyweight championship.

Snyder in the UFC

Numerous wrestlers have excelled in the UFC, but none of them are as accomplished as Snyder.  I think this could be a great challenge for the up and coming wrestler.

If he does fight in the UFC, he will be the first active UFC fighter to win the gold at the Olympic Games and compete in MMA. In addition to fighting in the UFC, he plans on wrestling in the 2020 Olympics.

Before Snyder fights in the UFC, he wants to improve and focus on several aspects of MMA fighting.  he wants to make sure his MMA skills are up to his standards before taking on an opponent.

He wants to fight in the UFC and wrestle in the World and Olympic championship simultaneously.  I think he has a tough road ahead of him, but I think he could accomplish his goals.

He is planning to take his UFC training as soon as possible. If he’s able to make the jump, we may see Snyder fighting in the UFC in the very near future.

I think Synder can accomplish anything he puts his mind to.  Having said that, MMA is different and will require him to acquire new skills to be successful in the octagon.  I look forward to watching him continue to excel in combat sports.

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