Can Milk Prevent a Concussion?

Can milk help heal a concussion quicker?

I was reading up on branched chain amino acids and how they might help with a quicker recovery time for a concussion.


While doing some research on BCAA benefits and concussions, I came across an article on that mentioned a study by the University of Maryland(December 2015) that chocolate milk can protect against concussion.

Before I get started, do not take any of this as medical advice. This article is for informational purposes only

Can Specially Formulated Milk Prevent Concussions?

You can read the article here.  Quartz talks about how high schools are stocking up on chocolate milk to prevent concussions after a study from the University of Maryland.  The article mentions the Fifth Quarter Fresh milk company was trying to capitalize on this claim.

Quartz was very skeptical of Fifth Quarter Fresh and their claims, but Quartz stated that Fifth Quarter Fresh increased sales due to their increased marketing.

Study cannot be Verified

After reading the article, I felt like this study was hogwash.  While milk does have its health benefits, I don’t believe it can prevent a concussion.

I found an article on that says that UMD withdraws their chocolate milk claim in April 2016.  Here is a quote from the article:

On April 1, the university issued a detailed report finding fault with nearly every aspect of its communications and its efforts to partner with industry. And it finally took the release down.

If you read the article on, it states:

that study was funded through a university program intended to boost Maryland’s economy by partnering local businesses with researchers.

The conflict of interest, misinformation and specific product endorsements are troubling to say the least.

Nutrition can Aid Concussion Recovery

I do believe that we can use nutrition and supplements for concussion, but I think it plays a small part.

I think the most important part of concussion recovery is getting rest until you are symptom free.


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Using Wrestling Instructional Videos to Improve Technique

wrestling instructional dvds is a great tool to becoming a better wrestler.  Wrestlers should be constantly trying to improve their technique. A great way to do his is using wrestling instructional videos.  You can find great wrestling DVDs that will teach you whatever you would like to learn.  Today I would like to talk about the advantages of using wrestling instructional dvds to make you a better wrestler.

improve technique with wrestling instructional vidoes

Advantages of DVD’s over YouTube

If you are serious about becoming a better wrestler, I would suggest that you make a commitment to invest in a good library of wrestling dvds.  You might have the urge to use youtube to improve your technique, but it has been my experiences that the videos are not as thorough as they need to be .  A good wrestling dvd will be focused on a particular area of wrestling and will go into greater detail than a short youtube video.

Which Video to Choose

Wrestling parents ask me all the time “what is the best wrestling video”?  My answer to them is that, it depends on what area(s) a wrestler needs to improve on.  For example if a wrestler need more work on bottom, I would focus on videos that help a wrestler master standups and escapes.  Determine where you need work and buy the videos that are focused on that area.  Most online sites will allow you easily to choose dvds that are focused on a particular aspect of wrestling.

Buy a Set to Save Money

If you are in the market to invest in good wrestling instructional dvds, I would suggest that you buy a set.  The reason is that you get a better deal when you buy a set.  You also get an advantage learning from the same coach in multiple areas.  For example, if I wanted to improve takedowns, I would buy the takedown series by John Smith for around a 100 bucks.  I would save 20 dollars and have three great instructional dvds.

What do You Think?

Wrestling instructional dvds are a great way to improve your technique on the mat.  I hope you think about the benefits of investing in good wrestling instructional videos.  I hope you enjoyed this article.  If you have any feedback we would love to hear from you. Please post a comment at the end of this article and let me know what you think.  Thanks for reading and continue training hard.

Will Wrestling Headgear Prevent Concussions

I was recently asked what is the best headgear to prevent concussions?  I was a little surprised to hear someone ask me that question.  The answer is that headgear for wrestling will not prevent concussions.  I’m positive that there are other people that are unfamiliar with that question and will benefit from this post.  Today, I would like to talk about the function and purpose of wrestling headgear.

great wrestling throw

Photo Credit: Oklahoma Wrestling

Wrestle without Damaging Ears

The sole purpose of wrestling headgear is to prevent cauliflower ear when two wrestlers are wrestling each other.  If you have every seen anyone with gnarly cauliflower ear, you would know why most wrestlers will wear headgear.  While the headgear is hard enough to protect the ears, it is also has a soft outside to prevent an opponent from getting injured.

How to Prevent Concussions in Wrestling

I hate to tell you this, but there isn’t much you can do to prevent concussions.  When you wrestle, the main protection a wrestler has on the mat is the referee.  You can only hope that the referee is paying attention and preventing situations where a wrestler won’t get thrown on his head.  Even then, there are times where a wrestler can land on their head and get a concussion.

Another layer of protection comes from years of wrestling.  Most wrestlers have been thrown to the mat so many times that they have instinctively learned how to land without getting hurt.

What are Your Thoughts?

I hope you enjoyed the article.  Thousands(may be hundreds of thousands) of wrestling matches occur each year without injury to either wrestler.  Having said that, wrestling is a contact sport and injuries are part of this sport.  Do you have any comments for feedback?  We would love to hear from you. post a comment at the end of this article and share your thoughts.  Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Mental Toughness Training for Wrestlers

At a recent wrestling tournament, I watched a very good wrestler strap on his brute headgear and step on the mat. I have been watching this young man wrestle for the last five years.  One thing I have noticed about him is that he manages to win the super tough matches.  I had a chance to talk with this wrestler.

I asked him how he prepares himself for those tough matches.  He told me that he works on chain wrestling. In addition, he tells himself he is going to win and he can see himself winning in his mind.

Wrestling is a sport that I believe is mostly mental.  In fact, I’ve heard numerous coaches tell me that wrestling is 90% mental and 10% physical.  If the mental aspect is a huge part of wrestling, shouldn’t wrestlers learn how to train their mind to gain a competitive advantage?  Today, I would like to discuss mental training for wrestlers.

wrestling mental training

How Does a Wrestler Get that Mental Edge?

You hear the same thing over and over again.  If you want to learn how to become a better wrestler, you should train harder than your opponents.  Doesn’t every good wrestler train hard?  Wrestlers who don’t train hard, won’t last long in this sport.  The elite athletes gain a mental edge because they train their brains as much(if not more) than they do their body.  How does a wrestler train his mind?

Positive Self Talk

I’m a firm believer that people believe whatever they speak.  I think this applies to wrestling as well.  If you look at your opponent and you say “This guy will be tough”, you are telling yourself that you don’t think you can beat this wrestler. has a great article on how Athletes Self Talk to Boost Performance.

On the other hand, if you tell yourself that “I’m going to win this match”, then you are reinforcing positive self-talk.  You are more likely to win that match.  Learn to tell yourself positive messages about you winning and you will notice that you start winning those close matches.

Positive self talk is just as important as a wrestlers diet.  I would even say your self talk is more important than watching calories.

I think positive self talk can help any wrestler.

Here is a video by Dr. Jarrod Spencer of Mind of the Athlete that talks about listening your self talk.

Visualize the Win

The best wrestlers in the world can see themselves winning matches.

Take a look at Jordan Burroughs.  He says that he focuses and takes the time to see himself winning championships and wrestling matches.

He steps on the mat every time expecting to win.  If a world champion wrestler, applies these techniques, then you should follow.  How do you visualize the win?

I suggest closing your eyes and seeing yourself winning.  Try to be very detailed in what you see.  The more you apply this technique the better you will get at it.  Do it over and over until you see yourself getting your hand raised.

What do you think?

I think mental training is an aspect that wrestler do not spend enough time on.  I think this could take you from simply being a good wrestler to a great wrestler.  Do you have any comments?  I would love to hear from you.  Post a comment and let me know what your thoughts are.  I hope you enjoyed the article.  Thanks for reading and keep growing in wrestling.